belladonnaberry (belladonnaberry) wrote in dallasanas,

Hello! My name is Amy and I'm an 18 year old anorectic and bulimic. I live in Sachse (by Dallas, just north of Garland) and I've been ana for three years, bulimic for 10 months. I'm giving up bulimia, and have just received treatment for it at the Presbytarian Hospital of Dallas and the Menninger Clinic in Houston, but I'm not ready to give up ana. Here are my embarassing stats, so that y'all can know where I'm coming from:

Height: 5' 1.5''
Weight: 114.5
Lowest weight: 92
Highest weight: 130
Goal weight: 100

I feel so fat now that I was forced to gain. Has anyone else been to treatment before?
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